Professional info


since 1992

Founded the Arte Total, which holds the position of Art Director, Dancer and Teacher.


Tutor in Dance and Theatre, Culture Programme / Institute of Employment and Vocational Training - Ministry of Culture / Portuguese Institute of Performing Arts (DGartes).


Assistant at Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo-ESE (IPVC).


Advisory Board Member of Theatro Circo de Braga.


Team Member of the Artistic Capital of Culture Guimarães - Community Area. 

since 2015

Advisory Board Member of  Creative Cities Network | Braga media art city- Unesco

since 2016

Artistic Director of Braga International Video Dance Festival

Work experience

Since 1999

Produces the program Salvo Conduto and Guelra  with choreographers Romulus Neagu, Maria Inês Villasmil, Vicente Trinidade, Paulo Henrique, Joana Providência, Aldara Bizarro, Gabriela Barros, Peter Michael Dietz, Paula Castro, Cristina Graça, Margarida Serrão, Paola Moreno, Maria Reis Lima, Lídia Martinez, Susana Cerqueira, Teresa Fabião, Madalena Victorino,Valentina Parravicini, Jody Oberfelder, Armando Pinho and Carlota Lagido.


Choreographed and danced pieces


Tiques (1997)|choreography

Em Casa (1997)|choreography

Atrás da Cortina ( 1998)|choreography

Diágrafo (1999)|choreography

Brinquinharia (2000)|choreography and dancer

O PRAZER DA BELEZA de Alessandro Libertini (2002) | dancer

O Retrato ( 2002)|choreography

e Porquê um cisne? (2003)|choreography

DiZei Beckett in the House (2004) | choreography and dancer

Corpo Kodak (2005)|choreography

Diário de n (2007)|choreography

A Cozinha (2009) |choreography and dancer

Passagem (2010)|choreography

Onde Só A Asa Pode Chegar (2010)|choreography

Kaus (2010) |choreography and dancer

Um Lugar onde Amanheça (2011)|choreography

Nadir (2011) |choreography and dancer

Guelra -Canis Majoris (2012) | choreography and dancer

Escadas Zero (2013)|choreography

There is a bit of white between my heart and my stomach - the space issue (2014) | choreography and dancer

The Souls Of My Shoes (2015) | choreography and dancer

This Became my Text (2016) | choreography and dancer

The Box (2017)|choreography

This Became my Text - Emergence of New Modes ofArtistic Creation and Writing Techniques for Postdigital Performances through Practiceas- research ( 2017) | choreography and dancer


From 1981 to 1983
Professional Training School of Companhia Nacional de Bailado
Degree in Fine Arts-Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of OPorto.
Teaching Certificate - Royal Academy of Dance, London. 
Master in Art, Craft and Design Education, University of Surrey Roehampton, with the title of the thesis 'Fine arts as art education'
PhD in Arts Education - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.


this became my text